I am a two-time Emmy-winning digital content creator with an
international upbringing and a passion for global cultures.

Above all else, I am a traveler with an
undeniable need to explore newness.

Scroll to discover more about me ... seriously, SCROLL! 

I am: 


a team player

a positive, yet authoritative communicator

highly analytical and strategic



a relatable, goal-oriented leader

a huge sports fan

I bring: 

language aptitude (English, Spanish, basic Italian)

polished writing skills 

 strong interpersonal skills 

unique ideas on new customer acquisition

a positive demeanor to a team and workplace

cultural appreciation 

tenacious drive to grow a business' digital presence

I do: 

social media management for a diverse clientele 

compelling content creation for fashion and lifestyle brands 

trend forecasting 

securing readership through strong editorial content 

event coordination and management 

global brand management 

I love:  

outdoor concerts

mexican food 


my shih tzu, Sofia 

avocados (…in any form)

beach volleyball 

glossy editorials 

burgers and fries 

salsa dancing (…. ok fine, dancing in general) 

Let's be social, shall we?